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Ventes d’expansion d’Acer

Acer brings its Android-powered smartphones to Mexico following successful launches in Chile and Canada

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 19, 2014: Acer has expanded its presence in Pan America with the arrival of its Liquid smartphones in Mexico. The company has surpassed the goal of expanding its smartphones into 25 markets this year by already reaching 31 markets worldwide.

Five Liquid Android-based vente smartphone chinois (Liquid Z3, Z5, S1, Z4 and E3) plus Acer’s first smart wearable, the Liquid Leap, will be sold through one of Mexico’s leading retailers, Office Depot, starting in Q2 2014 .

As one of the top three PC players in Mexico, the strategic roll out of smartphones will enhance Acer’s existing portfolio in this market, which already includes Tablets, laptops, and video projectors.

“The addition of our Liquid series smartphones offers our customers in Mexico an innovative device that helps them stay connected with access to information everywhere at a competitive price,” said Angel Morales, Acer Mexico general director.

“Our customers will appreciate that Acer’s Liquid series smartphones look as good as they perform,” said Hugo Hernandez, vice president, Acer Americas smartphone Business Group. “They are sleek and intuitive and combine appealing aesthetics; while comfortable ergonomics and practical features help users manage and make the most of their personal and professional life.”

Acer’s smartphones are now available in select markets across EMEA, Pan America, and Asia.


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